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Download Dessert Factory Idle Mod APK Unlimited money Latest version and cook cupcakes, jellies, and other delicious desserts. It offers a cathartic & relaxing gaming experience.

Information of Dessert Factory Idle

Name Dessert Factory Idle
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 0.58.0
Size 111.48 Mb
Category Arcade
Developer Supercent
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited money


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MOD Features
  • Unlimited money (Play for great rewards)
  • No ads

About Dessert Factory Idle

Dessert Factory Idle APK is an enjoyable idle game offered by Supercent. It challenges you to manage a dessert factory and make tasty desserts. Fortunately, the gameplay is unsophisticated, and most of the cooking is automated.

Besides, the idle system of the game is also well-designed. You don't have to worry about your factory running out of resources or customers being unhappy. All you need to do is collect the money and upgrade your desserts.

dessert factory idle mod apk

You can also merge cooking equipment and other manufacturing tools to increase your production speed. If you are a fan of idle games and love cooking, Dessert Factory Idle is ideal. 

Dessert Factory Idle APK - Background History

Game development has a long & interesting history. In the early days, people developed games for their entertainment, but today more game developers create games that are targeted at a mass audience.

Even better, developers are quickly embracing new technologies and trends to achieve more targeted goals. One great example is the emergence of idle ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) games, which are designed to evoke a state of relaxation and calm.

ASMR has become increasingly popular, and many people use it to manage stress or help them fall asleep. By combining the relaxing nature of ASMR with the idle gameplay style, the game offers a super relaxing and satisfying experience.

Hypnotic Gameplay & Game Mechanics

Dessert Factory Idle is a deeply hypnotizing game that has you manage a dessert factory and produce tasty sweets. The gameplay is incredibly simple, and most of the cooking is automated.

dessert factory idle mod apk download

To begin with, you must build machines that can produce different desserts like cupcakes and cookies. Once they're built, they will run idly, meaning that you don't have to actively manage them.

Instead, your job is to collect the money they generate and use it to upgrade your machines, speed up production, and make even tastier desserts. When you sell your desserts, use the money to upgrade your factory and produce even more.

Exceptional Features of Dessert Factory Idle APK

  • Highly Addictive Gameplay. Nothing will give you more joy than earning from your factory and watching it grow. You will start with a few machines and progressively upgrade your factory to produce more. This way, you will always have something new to work on.
  • Lots of Desserts to Prepare. This game does not limit your dessert choices. You can cook cupcakes, cookies, jelly, brownies, and many other tasty treats. However, your primary focus should be diversifying and expanding your factory to maximize production.
  • Nice Graphics & Visuals. As earlier mentioned, this is an ASMR game, and it incorporates lots of beautiful sensory moments. Its colorful graphics will capture your imagination, and the visual effects will soothe your nerves. This way, you will get an unforgettable gaming experience.


dessert factory idle mod apk unlimited money
  • Sell Your Products. Once you produce enough desserts to sell, you can crate them and sell them on the open market. Ensure you set your prices to maximize the amount of money you make. This is the only way to grow your factory and make more money.
  • Merge & Upgrade. This game has numerous upgrades and features that will make the gameplay super rewarding. Therefore, take your time to explore them all and discover how they can impact your factory's productivity.
  • Endless Gameplay. When playing this game, you can keep going and never stop, especially since it features an idle element. You can keep upgrading your factory, buying new machinery, and cooking as many desserts as possible.
  • Unlock New Machines. Besides upgrading existing machines, you can unlock new ones. Some of these machines come with special features that will make your factory more productive and efficient. As such, you must consistently add new & powerful machines to your factory to grow it.
  • Beautiful Soundtracks. This game also has an exceptional atmospheric soundtrack. They are well-curated to help you relax and enjoy the experience. More importantly, they will make your factory's production process more cathartic.

System Requirements and Additional Information 

This game is approximately 45MB and operates optimally with Android 4.4+ devices. Its lightweight nature makes it easy to download and install, even if you have limited memory on your device.

However, we recommend that you have at least 1GB of storage space available to avoid any issues. This will eliminate lag, and you will play the game at full capacity.

dessert factory idle mod apk latest version

Additionally, this game offers in-app purchases that can help you improve your factory, production speed, and overall gameplay experience. Fortunately, these purchases are optional, and you can still enjoy the game without them.


Dependable Tips for Playing Dessert Factory Idle APK

  • Diversify your factory and ensure you have a wide variety of machines to produce different desserts.
  • Manage your time and resources carefully, ensuring you upgrade your machines and speed up production.
  • Keep an eye on the market and sell your products when the price is right. This will help you earn more money per second.
  • Explore the upgrade options regularly and invest in new machines that can boost your productivity and make it easier to produce a wide range of desserts.
  • Consider using in-app purchases if you want to unlock extra features or speed up certain aspects of the game, such as upgrading your machines or expanding your factory.
  • Don't be afraid to take risks and try new things in the game. This will help you grow and become more productive over time.
  • Remember that this is an ASMR game. We recommend you use headphones whenever possible and focus on the sensory aspects of the game to get the most out of your experience.

Dessert Factory Idle MOD APK Download

The Dessert Factory Idle MOD APK for Android is an exceptionally improved version that offers more fulfilling gaming features. Here's what you stand to gain from the MOD:

dessert factory idle mod apk for android
  • Dessert Factory Idle MOD APK Unlimited Money. When you have enough resources, you can upgrade your factory to the max. It will also help you purchase new machines and produce a wider variety of desserts.
  • Improved Performance. The Dessert Factory Idle MOD APK offers smoother gameplay and reduced lag. As such, you can play faster and take full advantage of all the features & mechanics in the game.
  • Unlock All Content. This MOD enables you to access all of the available content from the start. This way, you can enjoy a more satisfying experience with no restrictions or limits.
  • No Ads. The Dessert Factory Idle MOD APK is a great way to get rid of all the ads that can be annoying and distracting. This will in turn give you a more distraction-free game.


Dessert Factory Idle APK game is a fun and immersive experience that lets you explore the world of dessert production. It challenges you to produce different kinds of desserts & sell them for profit.

Even better, the game is optimized for Android devices, ensuring you can play it even on low-memory devices. To get the most out of this game, we recommend you download the Dessert Factory Idle MOD APK and take full advantage of all its features.

Download Dessert Factory Idle (111.48 Mb)


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