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Download Deepest Sword APK Mod for Android and enjoy action-packed gameplay. You’ll be required to slay a dangerous dragon by stabbing its heart using a sword.

Information of Deepest Sword

Name Deepest Sword
Compatible with Android 5.0 +
Last version v0.1.4c
Size 24 MB
Category Action
Developer Deepestsword
Price Free


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About Deepest Sword

Deepest Sword is an adventure game that was developed by Cosmic Adventure Squad. It is lightweight and only requires 10MB of your phone’s memory.

The game uses simple 2-D graphics that are highly responsive regardless of your screen size. It requires that you have an Android device with a 4.4+ operating system.

the deepest sword apk

If you want to test your ability to control a sword in tension-filled situations, get the Deepest Sword APK download for Android today. It will give you a mix of adventure and action-packed gameplay – an experience that’ll remain edged on your brain.

Deepest Sword APK Mobile Gameplay

Deepest Sword is a game that combines adventure, puzzles, and action. Your assignment will be to kill a dragon using a sword as your primary weapon. As such, you must know how to control the sword effectively to kill the mighty creature in the shortest time possible.

When you join the gameplay, you’ll get the role of a knight. You will then have to venture into caves and hidden places as you look for the dragon. However, the game settings do not allow you to jump or perform any form of acrobatic moves. As such, the only thing that you’ll have at your disposal is a sharp sword.

The gameplay is pretty simple. If you’re keen and agile, you’ll be able to annihilate the dragon without a hassle. Every time you complete the mission, you will earn points.

deepest sword download

To slay the dragon, you should keep moving deeper and deeper into the caves even as it continues to become darker. This is the beauty of the game! The dark areas will send a chill down your spine but you have to keep moving on.

At this stage, you should always be on the lookout. You never know where the dragon is hiding! Not to worry since your sword will be sharp enough and ready to kill the adversary.

Unique Features of Deepest Sword APK Mobile

Deepest Sword download is designed for every Android device owner. It is pretty simple and does not require sophisticated skills to complete the challenge. Here are some of its unique features:


  • Online Multiplayer Gameplay. Deepest Sword APK download for android allows you to play against real competitors in thrilling online sessions. This gameplay challenges you to annihilate the dragon faster than your competitors to win treasures.
  • Multi-Language Feature. The game is available in different languages. This enables users to use their convenient language. Additionally, the feature ensures realistic and immersive gameplay.
  • No Pop-Up Ads. This game has an incredibly friendly user interface. It does not have interruptive adverts and banners. As such, you can be sure that your gameplay will not be disrupted.
deepest sword apk free download
  • Easy Controls. This game has simple controls that are easy to use for both professional and amateur gamers. When you want to move your character, you’ll simply press your screen. This simplicity enables you to concentrate on the real challenge – that of killing the dragon.
  • Auto Matchmaking Systems. This game features an automated algorithm that helps match competitors in a multiplayer game. As such, you will have an easy time since the systems select the best match for you. For example, an amateur player will get an equally inexperienced competitor.
  • Highly Realistic Gameplay. This game offers a real-like gaming experience. The graphics and sound system will make you think you’re in a real field searching for the dragon. As such, it will both be scary and fun.

Free Download and Installation

Deepest Sword APK is free to download and install. You can get it from different websites, just ensure that they are reliable.

Once you download the game, you should install it into your device. If you download from a third-party source, ensure that you allow downloads from unknown sources for flawless installation.

Tips to Play Deepest Sword

  • Use Your Weapon Well. Your sword will not only help you to kill the dragon but also clear obstacles along the way. As such, you should be keen to choose a sword that’s ideal for this assignment – not too long and not too short.


deepest sword apk
  • Do Not Fear. While this is just a game, going down dark caves is not for the faint-hearted. However, you should keep going. Ensure that you overcome all barriers and get to your target the fastest you can.
  • Be Careful to Avoid Traps. If you’re not careful, ledges, traps, and chasms can cut short your dream of killing the dragon. As such, you should avoid them at all costs.
  • Keep Upgrading Your Sword. The sword you possess at any given time determines your success rate. As such, you should always upgrade your sword to get a more sophisticated one ideal for the challenge.

Overall, playing the deepest sword APK latest version is fun. If you follow these tips, it will be thrilling as you progress through various levels fast.

High-quality Graphics and Superb Sound Systems

The deepest sword APK free download comes with unique graphics that are lightweight and friendly for mobile users. The developer included a realistic feel to ensure that you enjoy the game optimally.

You’ll experience deep caves with no light and come face to face with extraordinary challenges that require wit and strength to overcome. Additionally, the game comes with superior sound quality.

deepest sword apk mobile

There will be no interruption on the sound whatsoever. As such, you can hear everything happening around you. This increases your chances of eliminating the dragon.

Conclusion – Download Deepest Sword APK Mod Latest Version

If you love adventure games, you should get the Deepest Sword APK for android. The game is optimized to enable you to play using your phone wherever and whenever you want.

It has simple but highly responsive graphics. Its top-notch sound systems will keep you asking for more playtime. Try the game today and carve your journey as you look for a dangerous dragon. Will you kill it?

Download Deepest Sword (24 MB)


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