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Download Company of Heroes Mod APK Unlimited money Latest version for an authentic World War II gameplay experience. The RTS game features 3D graphics & action-packed challenges.

Information of Company of Heroes

Name Company of Heroes
Compatible with Android 9+
Last version 1.3.5RC1
Size 66.22 Mb
Category Strategy
Developer Feral Interactive
Price $3.0
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited money


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About Company of Heroes

Company of Heroes APK is an award-winning real-time strategy (RTS) offered by Feral Interactive Games Limited. It simulates the real-world conditions during World War II. The game allows you to participate in diverse missions and give glory to your country.While that sounds simple enough, Company of Heroes is a deep and in-depth game with many strategic elements to master.

company of heroes mod apk

The game features miles of detailed maps, authentic World War II vehicles, and challenging gameplay that will keep you coming back for more.

Additionally, the game's graphics are stunning and are on par with console-quality titles, making it a must-play for any strategy fan. Whether you're looking for a thrilling challenge or want to experience the history of World War II like never before, the Company of Heroes is an excellent choice.

Company of Heroes APK - Background Information

World War II was one of the bloodiest and most devastating wars in history, with millions of people losing their lives. During this war, many iconic battles were fought across Europe and Asia, such as the Battle of Stalingrad and the D-Day landings at Normandy.

Company of Heroes APK brings this tumultuous period of history to life, placing you in the shoes of a commander fighting against relentless enemies. The game is highly accurate and realistic, simulating combat and resource management with incredible accuracy.

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It takes you on a journey of varied landscapes, deserted towns, and wide-open battlefields. This highlights the devastation occasioned by the war and the resilience of those who fought it. It will be a challenge, but you'll enjoy every moment of it.

Gameplay and Gameplay Mechanics

This game combines the tactical command of a real-time strategy game with the depth and finesse of a 3D simulation. It lets you deploy troops across vast maps, manage resources & equipment, and battle for control of key strategic points.

In the beginning, you will only access basic units such as infantry, armor, and artillery. These will suffice for the early stages of the game. However, the war intensifies as you progress, and more powerful units become available. You must master your tactics and adapt to changing situations to win the many battles that await you.

Fortunately, you will win experience points for every battle you complete. These will come in handy when upgrading your units and equipping them with improved weaponry. This way, you can be 100% prepared for whatever challenges come your way.

Outstanding Features of Company of Heroes APK

  • Guide Your Soldiers. This game challenges you to take charge of two teams of American soldiers and lead them to victory. You will engage in the thrilling campaign in the European Theater of Operations, including the invasion of Normandy.


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  • Authentic Battlefields. The game's environments have been meticulously recreated with many real-life landmarks. You'll savor the beauty of iconic locations albeit in their desolate and war-torn state. Ensure you take the time to admire the amazing attention to detail that has gone into creating these levels.
  • Stunning Graphics. The game boasts 3D graphics and special effects that will take your breath away. It's one of the most graphically impressive RTS games on mobile, and a true feast for the eyes.
  • Squid-Based Tactics. This game has an intense and fluid multiplayer mode, with online play and many modes. You'll create a team with other players and then go head-to-head against other teams in intense matches. It will require teamwork and unrivaled coordination to succeed in these matches.
  • Highly Optimized for Android. This is one of the most bug-free and easy-to-use RTS on the market. The controls are simple and intuitive, making it a great choice for beginners. Whether you're an experienced strategy gamer or a newcomer, you'll have no trouble getting the hang of this game.
  • Highly Destructible Environment. How does it feel to send an artillery shell crashing through a wall into the building behind it? To topple buildings with anti-tank shells and watch them crumble to dust? This game has you covered. It lets you unleash your inner warlord and demolish everything in your path!
company of heroes mod apk latest version
  • Numerous Missions. This game has 15+ gritty missions against the German Wehrmacht. You'll fight to drive them out of your homeland, from the beaches of Normandy and beyond. Will you lead your troops to victory? Or will they be crushed by a superior enemy force? Only you can decide.

System Requirements and Additional Information 

To install the Company of Heroes APK on your Android device, you will need at least 8GB of RAM and an Android 9.0 or higher operating system. The game is free to download and play, but some features require in-app purchases ($3.99).

The game is approximately 5.2GB, and you can download it free from the Play Store. It is optimized for smartphones and tablets, with an intuitive touch-control system that makes it easy to play on the go.

Additionally, you can download expansion packs to better suit your play style. These include the Opposing Fronts Expansion Pack (1.5GB) and Tales of Valor Expansion Pack (750MB), which add new content and challenges to the game.

company of heroes mod apk for android

It is compatible with many smartphones, including the Asus ROG Phone 2, Huawei Honor 10, Motorola Moto Z2 Force, HTC U12+, and many others. This diversity makes it one of the most flexible and versatile RTS games available today.

Proven Tips for Playing Company of Heroes APK

  • Take your time and learn how to effectively manage your resources and troops. This will give you a good foundation for future battles and allow you to develop effective strategies as you progress.
  • Use artillery strikes and other powerful weapons sparingly, as they can quickly drain your resources if overused. Instead, focus on building up your troops and leverage them to gain an advantage over the enemy.
  • Pay close attention to the terrain and use it to your advantage. For example, try setting up defensive positions in areas with cover and high ground that allow you to repel enemy attacks.
  • Communicate with your teammates and work together to achieve common goals. This is essential for multiplayer matches, where coordination and teamwork are critical for victory.
  • Keep an eye on the weather effects at each level, as they can affect your performance. Try to exploit these effects by using certain weapons and equipment in different weather conditions to gain an advantage over the enemy.


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  • Don't be afraid to take risks and experiment with different tactics, as this is a key part of learning how to be successful in Company of Heroes APK. Remember, try not to make all-or-nothing decisions, but instead focus on finding a balance between risk and reward. With enough practice & determination, you can become a top player in this engaging RTS game.

Company of Heroes MOD APK Download

The modified version offers many additional features and enhancements, including:

  • Company of Heroes MOD APK Unlimited Money. This MOD allows you to access powerful upgrades and resources from the start, giving you a significant advantage. You'll build up your troops and resources faster, dominate the battlefield, and crush your enemies underfoot.
  • Unlock All Weapons. This MOD allows you to unlock all the game's iconic weapons and equipment, giving you access to powerful tools like grenades, land mines, flamethrowers, and more. This way, you can focus on outmaneuvering the enemy and using your tactical skills to defeat them.
company of heroes apk
  • No Ads. The Company of Heroes MOD APK for Android does not include ads, meaning you can enjoy the game without unnecessary distractions. This way, you can focus your attention on building up your army and dominating the battlefield!


Do you want to experience the World War II RTS action on your mobile device? The Company of Heroes APK is a fast-paced game challenging you to build up your army, manage resources, and outsmart your opponents on the battlefield.

It has an intuitive touch-control system that makes it easy to play on the go, and you can download expansion packs to further customize your experience. Whether you're a veteran RTS player or new to the genre, Company of Heroes APK will keep you entertained for hours.

Download Company of Heroes (66.22 Mb)


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