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If you would want to learn and master the flags of the countries in the world, download the Collect Flag game APK now. Match hints with the correct flag!

Information of Collect Flag

Name Collect Flag
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version v1.0.0
Size 243 MB
Category Puzzle
Developer Ismet Onur Abdioglu
Price Free


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About Collect Flag

Do you know the flags of various nations around the world? Here is a game that will let you know most of the flags of countries across the globe as you play the enjoyable and mind-blowing game. The Collect Flag game gives you hints, most of them being physical features in a certain country, a popular type of meal in a country, or any other hint for you to collect the correct flag. The gameplay is presented in form of a runway where you control the character to either on the right or left while collecting the right flags.

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You must collect the flag that coincides with the country whose hint is displayed on the game interface to complete levels successively. If you fail to choose the correct flag, you will bounce back and fail to run through the flag that will now act as a huge barrier. This game offers unlimited gems that you should collect on your way to the finish line. There are also unlimited flags to collect based on the hints available. Notably, the runway environment changes in different game levels and you can also choose the type of hints you want to play with.

Match Hints with the Correct Flag

Guess the country where the hinted physical feature can be found and collect the respective flag. The game features an easy-to-play game that comes with simplistic 3D graphics. You will have a character that you will be controlling to collect the most appropriate flag based on the hint given. On the runway, you will have to choose the hints you want including monuments, capitals, emoji, cuisine, fashion, company, artist, etc. For instance, there are hints such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa that hints at Italy, pyramids that hint at Egypt, the Christ the Redeemer statue that hints at Brazil, the Eiffel Tower of Paris that hints at France, and more.


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According to these hints, you should then collect the flag of that country. For example, you should select the France flag if the Eiffel Tower of Paris appears as the hint. If you fail to know the country that the hint is pointing out to, you will end up choosing the wrong flag and fail. However, this doesn’t make you lose in the entire game. You will only ram the character on a stationary flag that acts as a barrier to your movement, waste your time, and slows your momentum. You must be quick enough to relate the hints to the right country’s flag to win every level.

Features of the Correct Flag Game

This game offers various game levels that you can play, each with a different challenge. You will earn multiplied unlimited money as you enjoy this engaging game. Here are some features that make the game stand out.

An Interesting Gameplay – this game offers interesting gameplay that can be played by gamers of any age. Here, you will only have to match the hints displayed on the game interface with the correct flag. The character will be jogging on the runway and you should control him to collect the flag the matches the hint.


collect flag game apk

One of the most noticeable things that the simplistic 3D helps in bringing out vividly is the movement of the collected flags waving in the wind. Download the game now and learn the various landmark, features, activities and other aspects of life that goes on in other countries. Just match all these aspects with the flag of that specific country and win in every game level.

Minimalist 3D Graphics – the game comes with simplistic 3D graphics that bring out the game environment in a cool way. The colors of the flags are clear and well captured and they appear just like they are in real life. Besides, the movement of the character, as well as the waving movements of the flags, is realistic.

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Various Levels – Collect Flags has various game levels. You need to win in one level to unlock the other. As you advance in-game levels, the challenges may also change. On one level, you will be required to match hints from monuments while on another level you may have names of companies in various countries. Once, you master where hinted features are located, it becomes easy to match them with the flags of the countries that host them.

Electrifying Soundtrack – apart from the exciting gameplay that the game offers, you will not get bored since the game features simulating background music.

Download Collect Flag Game APK – Unlimited Gems

Download the Collect Flag APK on your android device now and enjoy cool gameplay with various levels. You will also earn unlimited gems!

Download Collect Flag (243 MB)


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