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Download Bus Simulator City Ride Mod APK Unlimited money Latest version and transport passengers on well-defined routes. It has 10 officially licensed maps & detailed maps.

Information of Bus Simulator City Ride

Name Bus Simulator City Ride
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Last version 1.1.2
Size 734.1 MB
Category Simulation
Developer astragon Entertainment GmbH
Price $3.99
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited money
Download Now
MOD Features
  • Full Game


About Bus Simulator City Ride

Bus Simulator City Ride APK is a driving game offered by Astragon Entertainment GmbH. You will become a bus driver and transport different passengers to their destinations while following traffic rules and regulations.

The game is set in a high-tech city with great roads, realistic traffic, and well-designed bus terminals. It also has officially licensed buses from different manufacturers, including Mercedes-Benz, Blue Bird, MAN, and more.

bus simulator city ride mod apk

Besides, you will have well-defined routes, schedules, and detailed maps to follow. This way, you won't struggle to find the right roads & stops for your passengers.

Overall, you can expect a near-real experience while playing Bus Simulator City Ride APK for Android. The game is super optimized to work with Android 5.1 and above.

Super Engaging Gameplay

This game gives you fulfilling gameplay with tons of missions and tasks to complete. It involves picking up passengers at bus stops, driving them to their destination, and dropping them off safely.

Your maiden trip will involve driving and familiarizing yourself with the controls. However, this should not be an excuse for careless driving since you will still get penalties for reckless behavior.

bus simulator city ride mod apk download

Once you acclimatize to the gameplay, you will level up, earn more experience, and unlock new buses. Each bus has different capacities and features, and you can customize them with various paint jobs and decals.

Fortunately, the game is super rewarding, and you'll earn money for completing missions and transporting passengers. You can use this money to upgrade your buses and unlock new features.

Drive the Best Buses

This game offers sophisticated buses from well-known manufacturers, including IVECO BUS, Alexander Dennis, MAN, Blue Bird, Mercedes-Benz, BYD, Volvo, Vicinity Motor Corp, Sentra, and Scania. This diversity is critical in providing a realistic driving experience.

The buses handle realistically, ensuring you experience the complexities & the thrill that comes with driving a bus. Furthermore, the interior designs are highly accurate, giving you a true-to-life driving simulation.

bus simulator city ride mod apk unlimited money

You will see the dashboard, steering wheel, gear stick, and horn buttons in front of you. Even better, these elements work just like in a real bus. You can regulate the temperature, use the radio, and choose different camera views while driving.

Start a Transport Company

Bus Simulator City Ride APK allows you to start your own transport company and manage it effectively. As the business owner, you will set routes, schedules, and prices for passengers. You can also hire drivers & manage their shifts.

Additionally, the game features a detailed economy system where you have to balance revenue and expenses efficiently to grow your company. Hire efficient drivers, maintain your buses, and expand your fleet to become a successful transport company in the game.

bus simulator city ride mod apk latest version

How well you manage your company will affect your reputation and profits. If you earn the trust of your customers, they will keep using your services, resulting in more income for your company.

Highly Detailed Game Maps

This game comes packed with ultra-detailed maps, including official landmarks and buildings. Your driving experience will be even more realistic as you drive through well-known areas in the city, such as hospitals, shopping centers, universities, and stadiums.

You can also admire the beautiful skyscrapers and bridges while driving on the busy streets of this high-tech city. The maps are highly optimized and smooth, allowing you to navigate quickly without experiencing lag.

Besides, they are divided into districts and routes, ensuring easy navigation and mission completion. Whenever you need to find a specific location, the GPS will guide you efficiently. This way, you will always deliver your passengers safely and timely.

Beautiful Sceneries to Explore

As you drive through the busy city streets, you can admire the fantastic scenery. The game features beautiful graphics, from the impressive city skyline to stunning natural scenery like mountains and lakes.

bus simulator city ride mod apk for android

You will also see various weather effects in this game, including snowfall and rain. These elements make the driving experience even more realistic, as you will have to adjust your driving according to the weather conditions.

Some popular districts include the old town, harbor, warehouse, and countryside. The latter offers picturesque views of farms, windmills, and barns.

Other Features of Bus Simulator City Ride Game

  • Become a Transport Network. While you will start with a few buses, you can expand your company and become a transport network with various types of vehicles. This includes double-decker buses, city buses, and airport shuttle buses. This way, you will easily become a tycoon.
  • Highly Detailed Cockpit. This game offers highly realistic and detailed cockpits, where you can see the driver's seat and dashboard. You can easily access all the controls, including the fuel gauge, speedometer, and mirrors.
  • Realistic Traffic System. The traffic system in this game is highly realistic, with various vehicles on the road such as trucks, cars, and motorcycles. You also must follow traffic rules like stopping at red lights and giving way to other vehicles.
bus simulator city ride mod apk 2022
  • Bus Customization. In Bus Simulator City Ride, you can customize your buses with different skins and decals. This adds a personal touch to your company's vehicles and makes them stand out on the streets.
  • Undertake Dynamic Missions. Besides managing your transport company, you can also undertake various missions and tasks. These mini-games offer unique challenges and super rewarding experiences.
  • 3D Graphics & Smooth Controls. This game offers smooth and responsive controls, making it easy to navigate the busy streets of the city. The graphics are also in stunning 3D, ensuring you see every detail in unrivaled clarity.
  • Hypnotic Sound Systems. This game features realistic sound systems, from the sounds of engines to honking horns. The high-level audio effects add to the immersive gaming experience.

Bus Simulator City Ride MOD APK Download

The MOD version is improved to offer more features, guaranteeing endless entertainment and challenges. These include:

bus simulator city ride apk
  • Bus Simulator City Ride MOD APK Unlimited Money. This game provides more relaxed gameplay as you have an unlimited money supply. Use it to purchase new buses and expand your transport network without worrying about budget constraints.
  • All Buses are Unlocked. This game allows you to quickly access all the buses, from city buses to airport shuttles. You can try out different vehicles and expand your transport company.
  • No Ads. The Bus Simulator City Ride MOD APK for Android is free from annoying ads, allowing for a seamless gaming experience.


Bus Simulator City Ride puts you in the driver's seat as you manage your own transport company and navigate through busy city streets. With stunning graphics, realistic traffic systems, and dynamic missions, this game offers endless entertainment. Download it and manage your transport empire now.

Download Bus Simulator City Ride (734.1 MB)

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