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The FPS genre is one of the most populated. Bullet Angel Mod APK is one of the newest additions today with incredible graphics and gameplay. Enjoy this one today.

Information of Bullet Angel

Name Bullet Angel
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version
Size 6.12 Mb
Category Action
Developer Kingame Studio
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited money and gold


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About Bullet Angel

The shooting genre is widely popular and it houses thousands of games that can be a little too similar to one another. This is especially true in the subgenre of battle royale games where only a few features are what separates these games. But if you’re into the classic FPS genre, then you’re in luck since Bullet Angel is here today. This game was originally a PC game released back in 2009 and now, it has transitioned successfully into mobile. Experience an FPS game that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

bullet angel mod apk unlimited money and gold free download latest version

Developed by Kingame Studio, this game features a unique gameplay set in the cybernetic future where you can create an entirely new character. Select the gender whether male or female, choose your shirts, hair styles and even skin color. Then, name your character so you can immediately get into various game modes such as Deathmatch, Bomb, Ghost and Special. Here, there are a variety of maps to choose from and a unique healing system!

Top Notch FPS

It’s not a surprise to find that the shooting genre is one of the most popular right now. We love shooting games since they give us incredible action scenes and a lot of room for improvement. But the difficulty undoubtedly increases when you’re playing shooting games in mobile right now. But even though it has become difficult to aim, people and games have adapted over the years. Today, you can see a lot of very good players that can play as good or even better than a PC player.

bullet angel mod apk unlimited money and gold free download latest version

Bullet Angel is one of the newest FPS games today that you can enjoy. This game works just like its PC counterpart that made it popular back in the day. You’ll play in first-person view mode where you can move around and aim to shoot. Enjoy various weapons today including submachine guns, sniper rifles, pistols, knives and many more. There are also a variety of game modes such as the team and solo deathmatch, bomb mode, sniper/melee mode, Ghost and other special ones.


Enjoy a unique healing system today by dancing when you’re low on HP. This is certainly not your typical FPS game.

Highlights of Bullet Angel

FPS games have become a staple today regardless of how difficult they can be to play on mobile. Bullet Angel is one of the newest FPS games to try.

Entertaining FPS – FPS games are as popular today as it did back then. Today, you can play a variety of them with different features and in different subgenres. There are battle royale games, top-down shooters and many more. You can enjoy quite a lot of these games right now as there are literally so many. Bullet Angel is one of the more unique ones as it brings back the classic FPS genre that we know and love.

bullet angel mod apk unlimited money and gold free download latest version

Instead of the usual battle royale, here, you can experience the magical gameplay where you can play against other teams and enjoy. Here, you can unlock quite a lot of gears, clothes and other items today. There are also plenty of weapons such as rifles, assault rifles, submachine guns, sniper rifles, pistols, knives and more. Enjoy a full 3D gameplay where you can move around, jump, aim, reload, and even dance! By dancing, you can get your HP back up.


Plenty of Weapons – You can unlock quite a lot of weapons today in Bullet Angel. These include sniper rifles, submachine guns, SMGs, shotguns, assault rifles, pistols and melee items. There are guns like the R93, M4A1, M3, PKM, AWM, and many more. Each of these weapons provide unique stats and specs today that make them dangerous in certain situations. There are also plenty of skins available for these weapons that you can collect.

Game Modes – Enjoy a lot of game modes today in Bullet Angel. This FPS game features the classic deathmatch game where you can play with a team or solo. Here, the team/player that has the most kills at the end of the game will win rewards. Then, there’s the bomb mode where each team will take turns planting bombs and defending sites. It’s the classic game mode that we know from Counter Strike back in the day.

bullet angel mod apk unlimited money and gold free download latest version

Then, there are also sniper/melee modes which are enjoyable as well. Next, there’s a Ghost mode and Special modes that you can enjoy as well.

A Unique System – The unique system of Bullet Angel is the ability to regenerate your health by dancing! Yes, your character will literally dance in the middle of the game just to heal.

Stylish Items – There are also quite a lot of stylish tops, bottoms, hair styles and plenty of shoes to collect here.

Download Bullet Angel Mod APK – Unlimited money and gold

Download Bullet Angel and get all the skins, weapons and the best gears into battle today.

Download Bullet Angel (6.12 Mb)


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