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If you love role-playing games where you solve mysteries, download Be The Judge today. Be the judge, decide who is innocent or guilty and become champion of morality!

Information of Be The Judge

Name Be The Judge
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.9.1
Size 163.55 Mb
Category Puzzle
Developer Matchingham Games
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited money


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MOD Features
  1. Unlimited coins
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About Be The Judge

Be The Judge game is an engaging puzzle game where the gamer plays the role of a judge who decides the sentence for the accused person depending on clues from the crime scene. What makes the game interesting is that it has a jury that supports you in making the fairest judgment. Moreover, the gameplay involves a series of levels that stimulates the minds of the gamer. This game created by Matchingham Games can boast over 10,000 fans across the globe.

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Even with minimalist 2D graphics, the game is interesting to many gamers who love games in the puzzle genre. In the game, the player gets to judge in various cases. The player brings people who have committed distinct crimes to justice. You must be very keen to differentiate between the innocent and the guilty. So, you need to evaluate the evidence that the game generates during gameplay to make the best decision. The game offers scenes that illustrate their story for the player to discover the motivation behind their actions. That way, you can justify their action and free them or condemn them and send them behind bars!

Your Honor – Be The Judge!

This game offers the gamers a chance to become a judge where they can justify or convict the people brought before them for justice. Players can do so with the help of evidence that presents the actual moment the defendants committed certain actions. For example, there is a level where a suspect cuts a patient from his drip. Naturally, you would think that this is a heinous act. But, as the judge in this game, you will discover that the alleged offense was done to save the patient from a poisoned drip!

be the judge mod apk

After discovering the motivation behind a particular action, you will make an informed and fair judgment. If you do well during gameplay, you will be rewarded with gold coins. The more you play and win in various levels of the game, you will prove your prowess in the world of justice and become a legal guru! Download the game today and become a champion in the legal space.


Highlights of Be The Judge game

Be The Judge is a puzzle masterpiece that has a series of stimulating mysteries. You will become the judge and make a sound judgment with the help of the jury. Apart from the exciting gameplay, you will enjoy some features that make the game stand out. Here are some highlights.

be the judge apk free download

Thrilling Action – at one point in our lives, we have heard about sentencing by a court of law. This is the whole experience you get in the gameplay of Be The Judge. Here, you will not only be the judge but you will also investigate to know the truth behind a case and serve justice! Before picking the mallete and decide who is innocent or guilty, you need to be keen on details. You will have to find the evidence and solve the mystery in cases like voluntary or involuntary manslaughter, bribery, burglary, injury, blackmail, harassment, malpractice, arson, discourtesy, damage to property, and anything you can imagine. Whatever the case is, you have to rule with your conscience and intelligence based on evidence. Make sure you don’t empathize with criminals!

Solve Puzzles – Be the Judge is one of the latest brainy puzzle games that break common sense and offer gamers an excellent brainwash experience. If you are ready for a brain out in this smart genre, get Be The Judge today and try this mind-blowing game. Solve mysteries and crime like a detective and find who is guilty and innocent like a judge. On every level, you will enjoy unique and original designed puzzles not only to push yourself with mind games but also to entertain you during the entire gameplay. Download Be The Judge today and enjoy the cool brain test game.


be the judge apk latest version

Reveal The Mystery – in the game, players are given a moment to solve ethical puzzles and reveal the series of mysteries in the gameplay. They are supposed to look into various actions and decide who should continue enjoying their freedom or who should go to jail. Morality and aptitude should apply to help the judge in finding suitable evidence. Once a clue is found to justify your judgment, overcome the mystery and rule without bending the law! Download Be The Judge game and be ready to sentence criminals or give a verdict of not guilty to the innocent.

Train Your Brain – the game gives gamers a chance to train their brains by getting into the shoes of an actual judge. You have to get all facts right to avoid making judgments carelessly. Some cases will be dramatic while others will be hilarious. You need to train your brain and become a person who makes a sound decision, without unwanted emotions. Ultimately, you improve yourself with the events in the gameplay even if they don’t occur at first sight. In real life, you gain empathy, the ability to apply common sense, and having an ethical approach to issues.

Download Be The Judge Mod APK Unlimited Money Now

If you like brain teasers and mystery games, download Be The Judge Mod APK today. With The Be The Judge Mod APK latest version, you will earn unlimited gold coins as you enjoy stimulating gameplay!

Download Be The Judge (163.55 Mb)


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