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Download Annihilation Mobile Game APK Mod Early access latest version if you love battle royale games. It challenges you to choose a hero and fight against opponents in fierce battles.

Information of Annihilation Mobile Game

Name Annihilation Mobile Game
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version v0.2.9
Size 882 MB
Category Action
Developer Crisis Entertainment LLC
Price Free
MOD Early access


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About Annihilation Mobile Game

Annihilation Mobile is an action game characterized by dynamic battle zones. You will have access to several heroes that can help you overcome your opponents to be the last man standing.

It does not matter where you are, all you need is the Annihilation Mobile APK for Android, and you will be fine. It will keep you on your toes.

annihilation mobile apk

The game comes with unique 3D graphics and exhilarating sound systems. As such, you can be sure of an unforgettable, immersive gaming experience. It received a reputable rating from players who accessed the Annihilation Mobile Early Access APK version.

The Annihilation APK + OBB is approximately 900 MB. As such, you must ensure that your phone has 1GB of storage space to play this game without problems. Additionally, you must be operating on Android 6.0+ for guaranteed compatibility.

What Annihilation Game is All About?

Annihilation is a futuristic game set in 2030. Within this year, a secret organization called "The Council" has taken over the world.

Unfortunately, Aliens and other strange creatures start to appear. Everyone believes that the council is responsible for the mess. A lot of fear spread on the possibility of attacks and planned extinction of the human race.

As a result, a group of heroes has started to revolt against this organization. You will be a member of the team fighting the heavily equipped council members. Ensure that you do your best to save the world!

A Highly Engaging Gameplay!

The PvP format of the game makes it alluring. You start by choosing your characters and customizing them to be prepared for battle. It is advisable to choose your characters carefully to ensure that you have all the skills necessary for defeating the opponents.


Once you are ready, start fighting by shooting at your opponents or taking them down in close combat. The thrill of the game increases significantly in the last ten players when you are sure that your victory is closer than ever.

annihilation mobile game apk

However, it is not all about shooting! You must also participate in other activities, including looting, collecting resources, and crafting.

You can also form a clan with your friends and take on other clans in intense battles. Ultimately, you will have to exercise your best skills to be the last man standing. The more you play, the better your chances of being on top.

Intense PvP Experience

You will enjoy the thrill of fighting against 60 players in real-time and unraveling incredible combat strategies. The game takes place over three phases: drop, scramble and fight.

The objective is to defeat other players and be the first person to reach the center of the map. The more you progress towards this goal; you will get better rewards, weapons, and resources.

Although it is a multiplayer game, random players can play as bots in solo matches if they want to practice before facing real players.

Diverse Heroes Collection

The game includes different types of heroes that come with unique abilities. When you choose your hero, you will be given random super-soldiers. Ensure that you customize them through loot crates, crafting, upgrades, and equipment collections.

annihilation mobile apk download

This is the only way you can ensure that your hero is equipped to face the opponents in battle. When it comes to weapons, you have various options including firearms, melee weapons, and explosives!

You will also need resources for crafting or upgrading these heroes/weapons. You can get them through looting dead players, crates, chests, and so on.


Highly Sophisticated Weapons

The game comes with high-tech weapons that you can customize to fit your playstyle. You will come across firearms, melee weapons, and explosives as you progress through the game.

Weapons vary depending on what hero you are using at the moment. When exploring different heroes, ensure that their abilities complement each other for maximum benefits.

You can also upgrade these weapons by collecting resources and blueprints. This is one of the best ways to ensure that you are ahead of others when it comes to combat.

Super Cool Graphics and Sound Systems

The Annihilation Mobile APK download features great graphics and sound systems that make the gameplay more pleasurable. You will enjoy running through a city and shooting other players like never before.

annihilation mobile apk android

Besides, you will feel an exhilarating experience as you drive vehicles to move around quickly and engage in intense fights. The soundtrack also fits perfectly with action-packed battles adding to the thrill.

Annihilation Mobile Game Bangladesh Download APK 

You can download this game from various reputable third-party websites. Ensure that you enable your device's settings on download from unknown sources. Once through, start downloading the game and wait for it to complete its installation process.


Annihilation is a fast-paced multiplayer PvP game that takes place in real-time. You will enjoy playing with 60 other players and unraveling amazing combat strategies. It has unique graphics, sound systems, and heroes.

Even better, the game has multiple customization options that you can explore to give your hero/weapon an advantage. You also get rewards, resources, and points for winning matches. We highly recommend it!

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